Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, July 7, 2014

Adventures in M83...[July 7, 2014]

So this week involved a lot of walking. We walked all through our new area that we got from the other missionaries in our ward called México 83 which involved walking through a somewhat jungle like place... kinda like how I imagined México would be before I got here. I really quite enjoyed it.

Later, I also had the opportunity to go on intercambios (I don't remember what the word is in english) with the other white elder in our ward. He is on his last cambio here in Puebla and he speaks Spanish so much better than I can now... it was a little humbling. However, he said that my Spanish is better than his was when he had 5 months in his mission :D

We are still working hard, but are having a hard time finding new solid good investigators. Hopefully we will find people soon and be able to teach them.

Not much else to say... Have a great week!
Élder Seymour.

5 Months

Me in forest type place
My companion in jungle type place

Member's Birria Stand

Mt Popo

Graffiti at a store

Pretty random graffiti
Two Famous Mexicanos
Graffiti at school
More Graffiti at school

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