Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

La venganza del perro...[May 25, 2015]


Well, this week has been pretty interesting... okay, not really. Honestly we have mostly been walking around, teaching when we can, eating with members every day, talking with people in the street... that's about it.

One interesting this that did happen is that my companion got bit by a dog. It was the first time it has happened to him on the mission. It didn't break the skin, so everything is all right. Thankfully, I have avoided it up until now and I hope to continue this.

One thing that I did learn this week is that sometimes, we have the tendency to be way too hard on ourselves. Sometimes we think that we really aren't doing a good job in a lot of different things, when in reality, the small effort we put forth when it is sincere and with hope, is just enough. God generally doesn't care much if we use the perfect words, or if we always have the perfect attitude, what he really cares about is if we are trying and we trust in him enough to do what he wants us to do. Patience is a virtue that seems to apply to us as well.

I hope you all have a good week!
élder Seymour.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Waters!...[May 18, 2015]

I am starting to remember what rainy season was like and let me tell you, I am not too excited. We will have to plan a little better now.

First of all, my new companion is Elder Ramos and he is from San Luis Potosí en México. He is a bit interesting. He loves street contacting, so I feel that we will do a lot of that now.

Our progressing investigator was going to go to a campout, but there was a bit of a communication. He thought that they were going to get back sunday afternoon when they were actually going to get back Saturday afternoon. He thought that he wouldn't get back on time and missed out on a great spiritual experience. Communication is something that becomes very important... especially with things so important.

We had a special zone conference with the mission president. He talked a lot about how we need to help our companions more, especially those who need it. He also talked about the principles of setting goals. Sorry I can't be more specific with this, but I really just don't have the time to do it.

One of the things I wanted to work on for this transfer is that I want to trust in the Lord more. When we think about it, just us, by ourselves, we can't really do too much. I think it will help me be more effective in this work.

Anyways, have a great week,

élder Seymour.

ohhh.. this is a difficult one to explain...
just imagine it as funny.

Monday, May 11, 2015

That's what you get...[May 11, 2015]


This week was a little more jam packed than usual. Monday, we contacted like maniacs and actually found a couple of people who could become new investigators. I was honestly surprised we kept it up for so long and felt a strength beyond my own as we did it. It felt great!

Also, one of these past days, a dog tried to bite me on the ankle, but I reacted quickly so it only got ahold of one of my shoes. I found out that 2 days later the dog had died... it would seem that every action has a consequence.

Wednesday, we went to the mission offices to get some Books of Mormon that we desperately needed. We had told them the day before when we were coming and they said it was okay. When we got there, we were surprised to find no one there. When we called the Mission President's Wife to see what was up, we found out that they were having a District Meeting. Someone made an error along the way and the funniest thing with all of this was when one of the office secretaries said that he wasn't angry, but he very clearly was. Don't worry, we're still friends.

Thursday we had divisions and I was in my area for the first time in a division. It mostly just made me realize that I can get distracted easily while we are going somewhere. I say we need to go somewhere and forget or am not paying attention when we need to make a turn or something. I think I will be working a lot more on that now.

I'd love to write more, but I don't have much time.

Have a great one!
élder Seymour.

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡15 months!!!!!!!!
I am not sure how I even
have that long on the mission.

This involves a very long story,
but it was given by one of the missionaries
that was in the MTC with us
to the ward mission leader of our ward.
 I just happened to get to
the same ward that he lives in
and remembered that he had received this
over a year ago.

I am with a member from
 the Bosques ward
(hint: check what it says on his jacket)
"Pumpkin Ridge"

The river outside of our apartment
when it rains a lot.

Gelatin Bites

Monday, May 4, 2015

12 Salsas...[May 4, 2015]

Hola, (I accidently started typing in Spanish at the beginning)
This week we went to a restaurant that sells tacos and gives you 12 different sauces to choose from. All of the sauces were spicy, but they tasted so good!

Tuesday, I had an interview with President Christiansen... actually it was the last one that I will ever have with President Christiansen :( but it did help me get a little bit less stressed from the work.

Until we got to Sunday it was a pretty uneventful week... except for the fact that I got electricuted again. We were trying to find the doorbell to ring it and I thought I found it. It had the plastic cover off, so I just pushed the metal part and... well you can guess the rest. I made my companion ring the rest of the bells for the day.

Getting back to Sunday, we had one of our best investigators come to church for the first time. He is 15 and honestly it is a little strange that we are teaching him in the first place for different reasons that I won't write about now. However, he is progressing really well and has the support of his parents. One of the members who often goes with us as we have lessons with him said that he was sure that our investigator will get baptized. I think so too.

He liked church a lot and said that he wanted to go to one of the campouts of the ward that we are having soon.

Anyways, have a good week!
élder Seymour.

12 Sauces

A sauce made from grasshoppers
that actually tasted really good!

My companion to the left,
one of the missionaries in my district
 in the middle, and one of the zone leaders
to the right.