Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, August 18, 2014

Baptismal Interviews...[Aug. 18, 2014]

Time just seems to be flying by...

Last week we had a bunch of baptismal interviews... for other investigators, not our own. The thing about it is that we always had them pretty late. In the last one, we were supposed to start at 7pm, but the hermanas were late by almost an hour, and we had two of them at once. One of them wasn't sure if he would be baptized or not. He wanted to, but he felt he didn't have a testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet. Long story short, through no fault of our own, we ended up getting back at 11pm... which is ridiculously late for us. My companion was also pretty ticked off at the hermanas for not charging their phone beforehand, because it was off when he tried to make sure they got back safe.

As far as weird stuff I ate this week, I don't think I explained about chicharrín and chicharrón. It tastes far better than you would believe once I explain what it is. They make it by skinning a pig and then taking the skin and baking it until it becomes sort of like chips. Afterwards, they spice it. Chicharrín is small pieces of it that you eat like chips. Chicharrón is the larger pieces that you eat as a meal. You smother it in a slightly spicy green sauce and eat it with tortillas like any other thing here. I didn't like chicharrón at first, but I have grown to like it.

We also continued our search for a new apartment to live in, but still haven't found anything suitable. Basically we have tried every house in the area we want to move into, so we will just have to wait a bit.

It feels weird to be moving into the second to last week, but these things happen I guess. One thing I didn't understand before I left is how hard it is to stay in one single area longer than 6 months. Even though you love all the members and everything, it just feels weird. However, I also learned very well from my last companion that it also difficult to leave.

Well, Have an excellent week!
Élder Seymour.

6 months!!!!!!

The best Tupperware dinner
we ever had.
The brown stuff is tacos
with mole sauce.

Some sort of coke promotion.
This is the first name of
my companion.
Still looking for one that
says Roberto.

My new hairstyle...
I like it better this way honestly.

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