Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

That one sheep...[Aug. 26, 2014]

Another week is past; another day is done.

Well, we've gone through another week, this one has been more stressful than most, however.

One of our investigators went through a bit of an emergency. Up until this point, this couple had been telling us that they were married. She decided to be cool and actually tell us the truth. Her... boyfriend... is actually married to another person who lives in another area of the mission. His wife and him are both members and he had children with her earlier. They split up, but never got divorced, most likely because it is a nightmare to get a divorce here in México. When our investigator started living with him, she didn't know that he was already married. Of course, this means that she cannot get baptized until she gets married and she cannot get married until he gets divorced. Here, a divorce takes at least 6 months, according to what I have heard from the members here. It might even take a little longer because children are involved.

A month ago, he also asked the church for financial help because he can't find a good job. He told the bishop that he wasn't smoking or drinking and that he was married to our investigator and would come to church. He came one Sunday and we later found out that the rest of what he said were complete lies.

Our investigator wanted to be baptized, but until she separates from him, it can't happen. Just a few days ago, her boyfriend came home from work drunk and angry. He kicked her out of the house where she came to the stake conference we were at. We worked so hard to help her out. She said that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore and wanted to continue on alone. We found some members willing to help her, but just a few hours ago, we saw her with her boyfriend where she got on the combi with us. You could almost smell how awkward it was.

Through this experience, I learned that if we are willing to spend so much energy and stress on one person who is so obviously in need, why can't we see the need that everyone has to feel God's love in their lives and become better people. It is difficult, but this work wan't meant to be easy or quick. It requires perfect patience and love.

I hope everyone that reads this can find the need to go after that one person who needs them, perhaps at the expense of anything else.

Have a fun week!
Élder Seymour.

Our district with the zone leaders,
they are the ones crouching

My attempt at explaining pronunciation in English...

This rat must have been huge in life. Actually,
I have never seen a living one so huge.

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