Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, September 1, 2014

When in Rome...[Sept. 1, 2014]

Got some interesting news on Saturday.

It looks like I will be leaving my first area. It is a little difficult because I have been living here for 6 months. I also had my first converts here and everything. It´s a little difficult to leave, but I suppose that that is just the way things go sometimes.

We found 2 different apartments to live in, not that it matters much because I will just leave anyway. :( One of them is the nicest apartment I have ever seen here in the mission so far.

I can't quite seem to remember any weird foods that I ate this week, so I will have to include that in my next email, wherever that will be at.

We have an investigator that my old companion and I contacted. She gave her name at the México City temple 3 years ago. Élder Suarez and I saw it and said why not. We knocked on her door 4 different times before she answered it. We found out that her husband/boyfriend because they still aren't married is a member, but less active. We asked him to come to church and he came that Sunday and everyone since. He said that he was really just waiting for someone to invite him back. He also drives a bus as work, so he has helped us out a lot with driving investigators to church and firesides with the mission president. Basically he is an awesome guy.

However, with his wife/girlfriend it has been a constant uphill battle helping her to get to baptism. She has very little faith and doesn't want to get married (it should be noted that this almost never happens. If anyone doesn't want to get married, it is almost always the man), but she does want to get baptized. It got to the point where we talked with President Christensen (our mission president) and said, "we need your help with one of our investigators." He responded "are you sure that I will be able to help?" I said, "absolutely." We set up an appointment when he would be able to come, but when the day came, he couldn't do it.

Flash forward to last Friday. We had a fireside with the President and we invited our investigator and her husband/boyfriend. We were surprised when she said that she would go. The fireside was on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and when we are at these firesides, anyone can ask the President a question. When we got to the point when he started to talk about baptism and our investigator asked, "can I get baptized even if I don't believe everything?" They talked about it for about 20 minutes and my companion and I were super excited. It was the lesson with the President that we didn't get earlier. They also talked afterwards and President Christensen said that he wanted to have a lesson with the elders that teach her (us).

I hope you all have a great week! I will tell you next week where I end up getting sent to.
Élder Seymour.

A photo with a member.

The preparations for independance day
(15Seor 16... I am still confused as to which).

Down a road in our area.
Élder Mendoza is in the picture.

Now the school is of Toy Story,
which happens to be my companion's favorite movie.

Statue of Ignacio Zaragoza, I think.

The rest of the statues depicting the
5 de Mayo battle.

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