Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, September 29, 2014

A little bit 'bout humility...[Sept. 29, 2014]


Had another week that went by fairly quick. Unfortunately, I don't have very many photos this week, but hopefully I can make it up with stories.

Just yesterday I gave my first talk in this ward. My companion said that it is difficult to get members to let us help them. I just said, "Let me take care of it."

I talked with the bishop that happened to be in the church when we gave our first English class here (I'll talk about that in a minute). I asked him if I could give a talk that Sunday, and he graciously allowed me to.

I had my main topic be about humility and just sort of went from there. I shared a story about how when I was in my last area with élder Suárez, we were riding in a combi with some members going to church. There weren't enough seats to sit down, so we had to stand. One of the members asked me if she could carry my bag as we were going to the church. I said, "No thanks, I'm fine." My companion scolded me saying that this is not humility. When we are humble, we accept the help of others. I related this to, as missionaries, we are called to help the people that we serve, but we can't do this if they do not have sufficient humility to accept it. I finished by reading Alma 5:28 and explaining that if we don't have this humility, we are not ready to return to God. It is an essential Christlike attribute that we all need.

In the English class, we waited for almost half an hour for anyone to come. We previously had invited several people who promised they would come. I silently prayed to Heavenly Father that if no one else, just one person would come. About 10 minutes later, we had someone show up that apologized for being late.

Well, in other news, I saw the Mexican version of Jimmy (my brother-in-law) on the street, but I didn't get the chance to talk to him because we were running late.

Friday, we had a fireside with the mission president. Even though we had invited investigators to come, they flaked out. We got there, listened, ate cookies, and came back. As we came back, the sister missionaries were talking about how they got out here. Every one of them had finished college before they left. It made me think a little about priorities and how I had got out here myself. At any rate, I didn't leave at the most convenient time of my life, but I know with all of my heart that I left exactly when the Lord wanted me to. Not a moment sooner or later.

Well, have a great week!
élder Seymour.

I learned how to make a drink with
Guayaba (guava)

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