Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Salmonella Sucks... [May 12, 2014]

Hello friends and family persons,

So as you can likely derive from the title, I came down with a case of salmonella this last Saturday evening... just after I Skyped my family (not suggesting anything there). I will spare you of most of the gorey details and just say that I am so glad to have a loving companion that cleans up after me and a bishop willing to drive us to the clinic at midnight.

Once we got to the clinic, I was so out of it I only slightly remember receiving a shot and leaving after an hour feeling a bit better. We also went and got drugs so I would get better quicker (at least I assume so). Being in that clinic made me feel like I went back to the '20s... or maybe it was just because I was really out of it....

Anyways, the next day was Sunday and somehow we ended up going to church (possibly because I had just a day earlier discussed with my companion why it is important to always keep your promises. We promised our investigators we would escort them to church). My companion had also contracted the salmonella virus, but because of his powerful ecuadorian stomach, he was doing slightly better. However, right after that we went back to our apartment and fell asleep for pretty much the rest of the day because we were so wiped out.

However, today we were feeling pretty great. Almost no problems whatsoever, so I feel really grateful to God for that.

Also, I got to Skype my family on Saturday which was pretty sick (no pun intended).

Have a great week everyone!
Élder Seymour.

Cinco de Mayo Parade (giant cannonballs?)

Only waterfall I've seen...not exactly Multnomah Falls
Cinco de Mayo float

hueros is slang for white person

It's on the news (Cinco de Mayo parade)

Native costume

Victorian style dress

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