Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, November 3, 2014

Dead Days...[Nov. 3, 2014]

This past week México celebrated days of the dead and Halloween. It is quite an experience.

Halloween here is technically one night, but the children ask candy from everyone (this includes people on the Street as well) several nights in a row. As we are quite often in the streets, we got asked for candy quite a bit. Unfortunately for them, we almost never carry around candy with us.

Days of the dead is also super interesting. Although none of the active members celebrate it, we have some investigators that do. Apparently, it is a Catholic holiday here in México where the spirits of their dead relatives leave the spirit world and enter into their homes for a few days. They put some kind of orange flower petals outside of their house to lead the spirit to an offering they make of special types of bread they only make right now, different fruits, and water. They also put lit candles and a picture next to the offering.

One of our investigators also taught us some words in Spanish sign language, so now I can claim I know a little bit when I get back home.

I also had cement thrown on me for the first time this week. We were walking under a house that was under contruction and even though there was no cement under our feet, someone threw cement down below and it happened to land on me. It led to us going back to the house so I could change quickly before the next appointment. The funny thing is that it actually happened 2 times this past week and not a single drop got on my companion.

Also, the missionary work here is slowing down even though we are pushing harder than ever before. At times, it seems as if we aren't really doing much, but I think we only need to put our trust in the Lord and go forward until the success comes.

I'm afraid that I will let you down again with pictures. There is something seriously wrong with these computers

Have an excellent week!
élder Seymour.

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