Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, April 20, 2015

Top of the Hill...[Apr. 20, 2015]

Well... I am not quite sure what to talk about.

This week I had divisions with other elders in my district and we walked around a lot. We got to one of the appointments an hour early and as we were figuring out what to do because all of the backup plans failed, we decided to go up to the top of a hill where a house was to ask for a glass of water. Unfortunately, they weren't there, but we did get some cool pictures of the valley.

Our bishop a few weeks ago told us we should find all the members and teach them to see if he should send home teachers and if we can help them go back to church. I was a little surprised when we found one that wanted us to visit with him. Before this we had gone to many different houses without finding any sort of success. It was... refreshing.

Apart from that, this past week has been a record for me in my mission, it is the first time I have gone a whole week without teaching a lesson to an investigator. We seriously need to find some new people.

That's about all I've got for now, have a good one!
élder Seymour.

Picture of a cloud I took.

My companion getting his hair cut.
Interestingly enough, it is in the same place
where elder Field got his hair cut.

House on top of the hill.

View of the hill we went up.

View of the valley.

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