Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We have a garden...[Nov. 30, 2015]

So we changed houses. That's the first time I've done it in the mission. The house is very beautiful and has a lot of things I've never had in my entire mission... like a washing machine. It also has a jacuzzi (not the slightest clue on the spelling) that we won't really use for times sake. We also have a garden with fruit trees that I have never seen before, but that's life.

In missionary work, we are doing fairly well. we had some new investigators this week that we found just contacting people like normal. Hopefully we will be able to keep finding more because we really need it. One of the investigators we found is a Jehovah's witness which has never happened to me in the mission. We pray often for their progress and we ponder often on how we can help them. I feel that the most important thing is to focus on these people and try to understand how we can help them. As we do so, we become entitled to receive revelation for their needs.

I finally got the photos in, so enjoy.

Have a great week!
élder Seymour.

[In no particular order (sorry it's a busy week for mom)...:]

1) My failed attempt to make cupcakes
2) A scorpion we found at the bottom floor of our department
3) Wedding of the family I taught in Tepatlaxco
4) This looks familiar...
5) My companion holding a (live) rooster
6) An empty road we walked down... there was construction.
7) Baptism of Jacqueline. Our mission president came.
8) Our district leader at the baptism
9) Our district leader climbing our fruit tree.
10) The moon
11)A member in our ward waiting to go on a mission to Brazil and my companion
holding a lizard
12) Stars and stripes forever
13)A scorpion I found in our new house
14)A strange light effect.

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