Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, June 16, 2014

My flip-flops have leprosy...[June 16, 2014]

So this week we had a lot of rain.

One of our investigators, who has a baptismal date this Saturday along with her children, had her house flood. My companion and I made a heroic effort to keep the water out, and we eventually succeeded. However, it took a while and we only had a squeegee and a broom to do the job. That was fun!

I also tried out another fruit that only exists here in México called pitaya. It was just about the weirdest fruit I have seen yet and it looks like a crime scene after you eat it...but it also tastes pretty good.

We also almost got robbed this week, but I didn't notice until after my companion told usual. We walked to a street corner where a miscellaneous store was and waited for a combi to come by. A group of young adults were talking and one of them said -no, son cuates- meaning no they are friends. Apparently, we have friends who rob people... I guess that's cool.

Also in a weird turn of events, I am still with my companion, even though that almost never happens after training. However, he is now the district leader, so that's pretty great as well.

Also, because we now can't do district or zone activities, we decided to get creative and now we spend an hour each week with a panadero and learn of his ways. Now I will be able to make Mexican bread!

Have an excellent week everyone!
Élder Seymour.

My flip-flops have leprosy

My companion and I making conchas

Elder Tonks making cream tacos
Placing the tacos

My companion making pastries

The finished product

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