Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, February 2, 2015

Because I'm Batman!...[Feb. 2, 2015]

Well, fun week!

Thursday we went to one of the pueblos(small villages) a little bit from Xonacatepec that is in our area called San Miguel Espejo (Saint Michael Mirror). We were looking for some old investigators there and ran into a family of ten that wanted us to go by their house and teach them. We were teaching about the Godhead and who Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost (almost said Holy Spirit) are. They kept insisting that they are all the same and were using the same scriptures that we usually use to help them understand that they are different to teach us that they are the same. We were just like, "well I guess the Spirit will teach them the truth because we certainly aren't doing the job." I still feel like they will progress a lot.

We also started up English class again. My companion, Elder Field, feels like it will be pretty successful if we do it well and invite everyone. I certainly hope so.

One day, we were asking member of the ward how we could help and she said that we could wash dishes. I was quite pleased because it was the first time any member has said that we could do that. For some strange reason, I have grown to like washing dishes on the mission.

I also came down with a rough cold that took away my voice, so that has made street contacting interesting. On the happy note, I sound like batman now. Perhaps I can dress in my poncho and put a mask on and fight crime at night... not like there is much of that here, but I can dream.

Have a spectacular week,

élder Seymour.

Elder Field and I washing dishes.

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