Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom...[Feb. 9, 2015]

An interesting week we had. Thursday, I completed a year in the mission and now I am starting to feel old. Pretty soon I will have my hair falling out like my companion and need new teeth and a new back.

This week in English class, nobody came, but that's okay because I got to practice piano for the first time since I was in San Martín over a month ago. Let me just say that time does take a toll on your talents if you don't use them.

Saturday, we also did a service project for one of the converts cutting down bamboo and trimming some other sort of vine. It was interesting using a machete, it makes a strange sound when it hits things that I kinda like.

Today we actually made it to Cholula. It was amazing going in because they have you go in the caverns under the pyramid from the very start. It felt a lot like Indiana Jones when he goes into the temple, except with less danger. And no heart ripping natives... At the top, they have a chapel built by the Spanish after they conquered Cholula. It was very interesting to see to say the least.

Afterwards my companion wanted to buy some Arabian clothes for his sister and mom. He also ended up getting a shirt for himself as well. I am trying to convince him to wear it to his last changes. We will see what happens in a week.

Have a superb week!
élder Seymour.

12 Months

La Malinche - a mountain that happens
to be in our area...
at least, part of it. Maybe i'll go once...

I can see my area from here!

Some ruins that date back to
the Spanish occupation days

Sunset with Mount Popo in the distance

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