Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, June 15, 2015

Pa-rá-si-tos...[June 15, 2015]

We had some great news about our young investigator. We talked with his parents with the bishop and his son and our investigator and it was really powerful. They (his parents) said that he could get baptized when he wanted to as long as he was sure that it was what he wanted to do. As the bishop and his son testified, everyone felt the Spirit. It was also very interesting because his mother (of our investigator) started to fan herself off as if the room was hot, even though it wasn't. I feel like his whole family will get baptized if we work well with them. They fill me with hope that God really is preparing people for us.

This week I also had parasites for 2 days. It was weird waking up and eating and eating and eating and not getting any fuller. I called up the mission doctor and she didn't remember me (I was in her ward in San Martín) and told me that I couldn't eat bread or sweets for 3-4 days and I just thought, "great, the two things I enjoy as far as food goes... oh well." Also, I couldn't eat any more than normal either. I guess it worked because I am all normal now.

Have a great week!
élder Seymour.

 I got some blackberries fairly cheap.
They were excellent!

The bridge we had to cross... don't worry,
nothing happened.

The first time I have ever seen fog in Puebla

My nametag in talavera.

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