Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, July 13, 2015

A mighty change of heart...[July 13, 2015]

It has been a little challenging this past week.

Our 15 year old investigator has been slowing down in progress a whole lot these past weeks. When we talk about baptism now it almost seems like a bother. We decided that to get him more excited about it we were going to visit him every day and get him reading and praying constantly. However, even as we did it, not much was happening inside him. I don't think worried can even begin to describe what I was feeling. Almost all of my prayers have been directed so I could know how to help him.

We had a lesson with him Sunday. The Spirit wouldn't have been there if we weren't and it was one of the most difficult lessons that I have had my entire mission. Near the end I was practically begging him to receive the blessings that Heavenly Father had for him, but he wouldn't. I think I understand a little better how Christ feels when we don't repent. Wanting to help people so much, but they won't let you. He is going on vacation with his family this week for about a week, so we won't see him for a bit. I said the closing prayer and was crying during it a little. Honestly, that was one of the hardest moments of my mission.

The exact same day, one of our other investigators accepted a baptismal date and has the light of the gospel in her eyes. It would seem that the mission many times is a giant roller coaster full of ups and downs.

Well, I hope you have a superb week!
élder Seymour.

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