Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, July 20, 2015

Youth Conference...[July 20, 2015]

This week was sort of similar to the last one. We didn't have all the success that we wanted, but honestly things don't always go your way in any aspect of life. The good thing to know is that when we do our best, it is enough.

This week we went back to a village more or less far from us called Tepatlaxco. The people there are very receptive and I feel like there is a lot of potential out there. We will probably end up going every week there.

The youth conference happened in the chapel this week so it has been a little bit crazy in that aspect. English class basically was cancelled because of that, but we will be having it this week, so all is well.

Also, a whole bunch of less actives came to church this week. I feel like we don't even deserve a tenth of what we get as far as success goes in this aspect, so I feel really humbled and grateful.

Have a great week!
élder Seymour.

Ever tried bagged milk?

 Drawing I did for a baptism on the chalkboard

My comp and I got crepes one night
(...wait they are in Mexico
and not France, right?)

We got back into pitaya season

A member gave us rootbeer this week.
It basically doesn't exist here.

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