Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, August 3, 2015

The energy to keep going on...[July 27, 2015]

Well, Last Monday after writing you I had an interview with President Nelson... actually, it was the first one. I talked with him a little about what was happening in the area and how it was going in training. I asked him what was the most difficult thing so far and he said interviews. I imagine it would be really hard picking up a mission when everything has to keep going on as it was before.

Tuesday we went to the Pueblo called Tepatlaxco by ourselves. We taught a family that we talked to on the street the other day. We had to be a little persistent at first to get in, but it went really well. We introduced the Book of Mormon and testified of it and they asked us where they could buy it. We gave it to them and they promised they would read it. I am really hopeful for this lesson tomorrow.

Apart from that it has been a lot of running around and not finding much, we have been working a lot on trying to become better and finding everyone that we will be allowed to find, but it has been really difficult. I felt impressed that I needed to have a fast so we would be able to have the hope and energy and excitement that the work deserves. It was really strange that as I was fasting and when we went to church, I was really hungry and thirsty, but I felt some strange sort of hope. I felt the help that we need to be successful. Even though there is so much that we need to improve, if we have the desire and strength to do it, the Lord will help us reach a potential that we by other means would have completely given up on. I know that the Lord wants us to be happy and is willing to help us to be so, no matter the circumstance that we may be in.

Anyways, I hope you have a great week. This computer won't accept my cameras memory card, so I can't send any of my photos :(

élder Seymour.

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