Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, April 21, 2014

Placentero nos es Trabajar...[Feb. 20, 2014]

Hola todo,
I had a pretty great week here at the MTC west. A lot of time was spent in classes learning more about teaching. They are not as focused on us spending time in class learning Spanish as one would think. Most of our time in class is directed on learning how to teach and what to teach rather than verb conjugations and such in Spanish. Despite that, I have learned a great deal since I have been out here.
My companion, √Člder Boxberger, is from Surprise, AZ and went to BYU-I before he left on a mission. He was a Chemistry and math major. I have two other elders in my district. The first is Elder Bartschi from Boise, Idaho and the other is Elder Carroll from, as he puts it, “about an hour north of here.” We have a lot of good times and we get along very well.
We also have 4 Hermanas in our district.
To elaborate more on the food here, it is on a 2 week rotation. Right now I am eating the same food that I did when I first got here. Even though about 75% of the missionaries here are going to Mexico, they almost never serve Mexican food. It is mostly just American or Italian food that they serve for us.
On a regular day where nothing important happens, I usually wake up, eat breakfast, go to class for 3 hours, eat lunch, workout in the igloos, go to class for 3 more hours or so, eat dinner, go to class for about 3.5 hours, head back to the apartment and take a shower and go to sleep.
On Tuesdays and Sundays, we go to main campus to watch a devotional. This past Sunday, we had a devotional where Elder Holland’s son was the speaker. It was sister Holland’s birthday, so we were able to sing happy birthday to her. The devotional was about Joseph Smith, so the MTC choir sang Praise to the Man (I was in the choir).
I am hoping that I will be able to get my visa soon so I will not have to worry about that anymore.
Quote of the Week:
“Sometimes I am not sure whether I actually understand what you are saying or if you are just speaking in English.”
-Elder Carroll to our teacher.
Vos Amo,
√Člder Seymour.

MTC-W Exercise Igloo
"Igloo" Gyms that we exercise in
Game of Dinosaur Eraser
Elders playing with Dinosaur erasers
MTC-W Zone
Elders in our Zone

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