Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Bread is the Best... [Apr. 14, 2014]

Sometimes the work is brutal. We often get appointments that fall through and then we don't have anyone to teach. It also gets frustrating when an investigator tells you that they want to change their life and will stop doing bad things, but they don't. We face many tests and trials in missionary work, but if we give in and give up, we will never receive the blessings that we need to succeed. I am so grateful for the strengthening power that comes from the Atonement when we need and want it, not just when we can't rely on anything else in our lives.
On a much lighter note, there are many times when you just have to laugh at yourself and keep going. I firmly believe that if you aren't having fun while doing missionary work, you are not doing it right. It is a different experience and everyday, I am grateful to be out here.

Some other interesting things: nobody drinks unfiltered water where I am at, not even the people that live here. It is definitely not safe.

Also, everyone eats bread. The bread shops are open past 9pm because people will still eat it after that.
Flour tortillas are fairly uncommon here. We mostly just have corn tortillas, but they are the best.

Sorry, but I seriously neglected to take photos this week. I will repent and have I bunch more next week, I promise.

Have a great week everyone,
√Člder Seymour. favorite thing to eat down here

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