Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, April 21, 2014

There's No Place Like Home... [Apr. 21, 2014]


So a while ago I lost my bedsheet. I hung it up to dry on the roof like any normal Mexican would. When I came back, one of the bedsheets was gone and the pillowcase and the other bedsheet were in a nice pile off to the side. Since it was a windy day, I assumed that it simply blew off the roof into the distant horizon. Later, I talked to a member about it and they told me that it was actually stolen. The ladrón takes only one of the bedsheets so you assume that it blew off the roof never to be seen again. Quite clever.

Right after my last email, we had a tatooine level sandstorm here in Puebla. I don´t think I have mentioned this yet, but there is trash everywhere around here. You can imagine how that went. Let´s just say that I am grateful for showers.

We also had intercambios on Thursday which went well. It was weird being with a different companion for a day in a different area, but I figure that I better get used to it.

On Friday, we had a monsoon come through Puebla. Unfortunately, we were about a mile from our apartment when it happened and we didn´t have any lessons that we could go to. It was about as much rain at one time as I have ever gotten in Oregon, and there was also some pea sized hail as well. In short, I absolutely loved it. It seems likely that other people here think I might be a little insane, but I just look at a drunk person and say--I´m doing just fine. Needless to say, I got an unexpected shower.

Other than that, things are going quite well. We still don´t have much success, but we are working hard and obeying the mission rules, so I don´t feel bad about it. I just have to keep improving and looking.

Tengan una semana increíble,
Élder Seymour.

Tatooine Sandstorm

Herd of Sheep Near Our Apartment

Caught in Monsoon

My Companion and I in Monsoon

Picture of Nature...really

A little weirded out from this strange ring around the sun, and no, it´s not glare. If someone could explain to me what this is, I would greatly appreciate it.

Scary Zebra

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