Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, April 21, 2014

Purple Dinosaurs... [Mar. 7, 2014]

The visa trip went well. We took an airplane early in the morning to Las Vegas and spent most of the whole day sitting in a classroom. Lots of fun… Not really. We eventually made it to the Mexican Consolate and we got our visas. I had no clue that obesity is such a big problem in Mexico. They were showing a bunch of anti-obesity ads on the TV’s. Actually getting the visa was somewhat unexciting because all they do is scan your fingers and take your picture and you get your visa about 15 minutes later. Oh well.
When we were in the airport to go home, the cold that I had made me exhausted and I had trouble moving about and doing the things we needed to do. It is amazing how many people come up to you as a missionary. At one point, we had a guy come up and offered to buy us ice cream. I was cold and shivering from drinking the water so I decided against it. Fighting the cold was sapped all my energy, so I focused mostly on warming up. At one point, I decided that I needed to either read the Book of Mormon or remain cold and miserable. As I read the Book of Mormon, I felt the spirit flood into my chest and warm me up like hot chocolate. I stopped shivering and I gained new insights as I read. I know that God is here for his missionaries and He will support us in our time of need. We just need to turn away from ourselves and turn to Him.
On the flight back, my companion and another elder from my district were able to give a Book of Mormon to a guy who used to be amish. They put us in weird seating positions for reasons I do not understand, but I am okay with that.
The rest of the week had its ups and downs, but it was a pretty average week. In our zone, we got a new district this week. One of the elders is from Australia and has an actual accent, not just a british accent that I hear from most Australians.
Also I went to Jamba Juice today. It was great.
Vos Amo,
√Člder Seymour.
Our district with the district that is leaving.
Thoughts of home…
My new bedspread…(quilt from home with the whole fam’s handprints to give him a hug!)
Some of us find creative ways to sleep. He was snoring so loud.

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