Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple

Monday, April 21, 2014

Week One: Provo West MTC... [Feb. 14, 2014]

Coming to the MTC was an interesting experience. When I walked out of Christina’s car to get to the main campus, they shuffle you right along and give you a 10 lb bag of language learning material. Right after that, I was put into a bus and they drove us over to the west campus.
The west campus is quite a bit different than the main campus. For one, they only have missionaries that are going to Spanish speaking countries, so we all are learning the same language. Also, the orange juice is perfectly safe here. We have our residence over at Wyview and we have to cross the street to get to our classes over at Raintree. I spend more time at classes than I do sleeping every day. There is also a lot more freedom here at west campus. We can go the the Wyview Creamery to buy things any day except Sunday, and on Preparation day we can go down to Brigham’s Landing to eat, if we are in missionary attire.
The first day, our teacher only talked in Spanish, so everyone that didn’t know Spanish very well was getting very worried. Luckily, I understood about 80% of what he said, so I wasn’t too worried.
On the 3rd day, they had us teach an “investigator” completely in Spanish. Unfortunately, My companion Élder Boxberger and I were unable to even get in the door. We were the only ones. Subsequent lessons have gone much better and we have been able to communicate fairly well. Interestingly enough, we are the only companionship where both of the companions had some Spanish experience coming into the MTC.
It is quite a strange experience to be holding classes in apartment buildings where students used to live. The only thing that they changed about them is they put in large white-boards against the wall for the teachers.
I was pretty lucky to have a great district. We get along very well, which is important because we spend the majority of the time together.
It has been a lot like Oregon this past week with the weather. It has rained quite a bit and I love it.
The cafeteria here at the west campus is pretty small compared to the one on main campus and incredibly ghetto-looking on the outside, but it’s a lot nicer on the inside and it is able to hold all of the missionaries here quite well. The food is perfectly adequate, but there is a good amount of options and an unlimited supply of chocolate milk.
Over at Raintree there is a big pool and spa that currently serves no purpose other than to mock the missionaries that walk by it everyday.
One challenge that we had to overcome in our room is that fact that there are four Élders and only one shower. Using our powers of compromise, we were able to determine that two do it in the evening and two do it at night. Even with that we never get to bed exactly on time and we always have to wake up earlier. We’ll figure out something though.
I never got the cold and have been healthy since I got here, so that is going well.
Feel free to send me anymore questions you may have, but it is better if you use Dear Elder because I actually get to read it during the week. (He’s referring to
Vos amo,
Élder Seymour.
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